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Lilly Archuletta

(Community Matters) It appears Lilly Archuletta has come out and revealed herself.  Glad to see she’s back posting; her blog, inkydinkyparlezvous is one of my favorites. And, if I were one of her children, I’d petition for the alias, but hey, her children are my godchildren and probably feel the same about Community Matters.

David Plouffe: Dems Can Maintain Control

(Community Matters) Politico: Former campaign manager David Plouffe said as long as Democrats focus on making each election a choice between candidates on a local level and get Democratic voters to the polls, the majority party will stay that way.

No Stopping Austin Now

(Community Matters) I like Michel Blue’s guest editorial in this week’s Austin Business Journal

What happens when you take the intellectual ferment of a university town like Madison, Wis., stir in the entrepreneurial atmosphere of a Silicon Valley, add one of the nation’s best music scenes, and drop all of this into the relatively low-tax, business-friendly environment of Texas?

You come up with a good recipe for Austin, the state capital that is now being recognized nationwide as one of the best places to live and work in the United States and as a leading center for entrepreneurship and the growth of new businesses.

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Cameron Lockley

(Community Matters)

Happy Birthday, Cameron

Marfa or Madrid

(Community Matters) After reading this article and seeing this portrait, I so want to be in either Madrid or Marfa. http://travel.nytimes.com/2010/09/05/travel/05Heads.html?ref=travel