Daily Archives: 09/26/2010

CA Races

(Community Matters) a bit of good news

L.A. Times, “Brown leads Whitman 49%-44% in poll: Boxer leads Fiorina 51%-43% in Senate race, survey finds. Both Republicans are hampered by voters’ negative impressions of them, poll says,” by Cathleen Decker

Where’d Saturday Go?

(Community Matters) it was a busy day yesterday – preparing for Michael Mitchell’s 50th birthday celebration.  What started as an intimate gathering for 20 to 30 friends expanded just a bit, so a tad more prep.  But, my deliciously nearly-always-agreeable husband helped prep throughout the day. Plus Charles Santos‘ early arrival, and staffing by Colin & Chase – and, oh yea, extraordinary cakes by Julianna Sciaraffa & Amanda Chiampi – brought many hands to the tasks.

Much fun among dear friends including Senior & Betty Mitchell, Milinda Mitchell, Melissa Henderson & Drew Valcourt (who I now owe one to), Robert Torian, Tana & Joe Christie, Charles Christie, Steve Moore, Hector Eichelman & Jeff, Larry Don Shaw, Lynn Helms, Greg Chico, Stephen Walls & Denny Biggs, Susan Ghertner & Hazel Barbour, Martha Lynn Coon & Hannes Wieck, Annie Taylor & Minshew, Jim Arth, Greg Barbutti & Mike McElhaney, Kirk Rice, Michael Barnes, Jody Scheske, Lew Aldridge, Jim Lomorri, Graydon Parish, Jill McRae & Stephen Yelenosky, Margo Weisz, Ingrid Johanssen & Mitch Berman, Stella Lucio, Kim & Kyle Hughes and Kevin Tuerff