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DC Bound

(Community Matters) On my way to DC for two days of meetings – DNC NFC, our LGBT Leadership Council (I recently stepped up as co-chair) and kick off of Gen 44.  Pres. Obama is kicking off the latter at a concert with B.o.B.

Rick Cofer and Haylie Rudy have stepped up as co-chairs of Gen 44 in Austin.  Thx you two!

on my way to the airport, my cab driver asked me if people didn’t remember who got us in this economic mess and were they really thinking of reelecting the same guys.

Job Posting – Entrepreneurs Foundation

(Community Matters)

Job Title: Project manager, Lemonade Day Austin

Lemonade Day Austin is a fun, free, city-wide educational program that helps youth set up and operate lemonade stands. Lemonade Day is on Sunday, May 1, 2011. Lemonade Day Austin’s Project Manager is responsible for: coordinating and overseeing registration at designated registration events; recruiting and overseeing volunteers at events; coordinating with City of Austin, nonprofit organizations, and participating schools; helping represent Lemonade Day Austin in the community, and assisting the Lemonade Day Austin Director with other initiatives and responsibilities.  Reports to: Lemonade Day Austin Director.

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(Community Matters) Lonely gay men?  I don’t think so; now, all you gotta do is turn on Grindr to find the nearest gay men around you. Uses GPS.  The guys swear it isn’t all about pick ups.

Wonder who in the restaurant is queer?  Grindr. Is that guy European or hitting on me?  Grindr.

Uses GPS and some sorta divining rod to identify all the queers in a room – well yes the former, no the latter.  You subscribe and when on, it captures and broadcasts your location. Fascinating . . .

The single guys at the Literary Society demonstrated to us last night. How long until Michael Mitchell gets an iPhone.  Robert’s already an iHomo but I don’t think he has the ap.  Steve Davis is very popular. Thais Austin wrote from DC that women are developing the application for str8 men, gonna call it Remindr

Literary Society

(Community Matters) I get reminded we aren’t a book club, we’re a literary society.  I’m not sure what’s the difference, think it’s southern – sorta like saying “how nice” instead of “f#%k you.”

Steve Davis‘ corner abode in the Spring – very nice.  Swedish meatloaf – takes more than 1 hour to cook.  Whole Foods across the street – also very nice (especially for quick, unexpected runs).  The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo scored well – higher than average.  Consensus that translation was poor, writing got better through book – much better in second and third book.  Some of us thriller fans, a couple not so much.

Our next selection – To Kill A Mockingbird. Room and Obama’s War received the second most votes.  Obama’s War would have won but Michael Mitchell has a thing against Bob Woodward – professional envy or some such.  Others who attended last night:  Stephen Walls, Robert Torian, Jim Amick & Greg Chico Chris Long, Gene Brenek couldn’t make it. Rob Schneider also a member but sustaining status while living in NY.  We told stories on our husbands and the single guys demonstrated Grindr.

the wayward bandaid, another story