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Mid-Term Elections – Motivating First Time 2008 Voters

(Community Matters) In an “email conversation” with MoveOn.org’s communications director, Ilyse Hogue, we discussed the importance of motivating first time 2008 voters to the polls in this election.  Excerpts from our “conversation.”

E: Ilyse, what’s it [turnout of first time 2008 voters] look like from your seat?

I: I agree very much with Chris VH–this thing is going to be fought out race by race.

At the top level, our members do NOT want to lose the majority. But what motivates them are either heroes–people who took tough votes in tough districts because it was the right thing to do (like Perriello), or grave threats like

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The Gaydar Warriors

(Community Matters) They call themselves the Gaydar Warriors


imagine as my, Michael’s and Robert’s next Halloween outfits

Israeli Amb. Oren on the Obama Admin and Israel

(Community Matters) This via a cirquitious route and from the wife of a political colleague:

At the Israeli Ambassador’s residence on Rosh Ha Shanah (Jewish New Year) Ambassador Oren stood before the assembled crowd in what was the best stump speech for President Obama that I have heard from any world leader (and yes, Ambassador Oren speaks FOR Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel!). Without a note, Ambassador Oren outlined the brilliant accomplishments and strong support of Israel demonstrated by the Obama Administration in LESS THAN 2 YEARS!  Oren invoked our President’s name, time and time again: (please memorize these bullet points and tell everyone you know!)

  • President Obama has led the global effort to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.
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Yom Kippur

(Community Matters)

Happy Yom Kippur

Serious Allegations – completely unsubstantiated and worthy of investigation

(Community Matters) Wow, I have no idea if this is true and it certainly deserves to be investigated:

a comment posted in the AAS under their article about the Beth Shalom invitation:

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Enforcement of Conservative Catholic Doctrine

(Community Matters) First last week’s crackdown against equality at St. Edward’s University, this week’s rescinding of Temple Beth’s Shalom’s invitation to hold Yom Kippur services at St. Louis Catholic Church . . . it appears the insidious enforcement of conservative Catholic doctrine within the Austin Diocese is on the rise.  Sad for Austin where under Bishop McCarthy the value of inclusion and diversity reached a high.

The revocation of Beth Shalom’s invitation wasn’t only because of Rabbi Friedman’s involvement on the board of Planned Parenthood, the diocese’s own website notes “questions about the suitability of the use of a Catholic sanctuary by a non-Christian community.”  I am happy to read that Bishop Vasquez and the Rabbi are to “join in dialogue after the Jewish high holidays.”

As to why it is appropriate to opine on a church’s philosophical governance – because it has become its politics.  This isn’t simply personally held values contained within 125 parishes in 25 Central Texas counties (18,892 parishes, 573 hospitals and 7,865 schools in the US*). Nor is it even offensive, its a defensive reaction since the Catholic Church has increasingly stepped up its political activism – mobilizing voters, denying legislators the sacrament – in order to promote the most conservative interpretations of its teachings – whether denying Americans equality, women their rights & choices (even in public hospitals), chronic & terminal patients the best options for cure & research (stem cell research & transfers).

while I consider myself now Episcopalian, I was raised, born & baptized Catholic. And, I have great respect & appreciation for the Catholic Church, for Catholic charity and its reformed faith – especially the principle of God’s redemptive love and its evolution into caritas

*2006 data US Conference of Catholic Bishops


(Community Matters) Must admit, no matter how fine the accommodations where ever we travel, it’s so nice to wake up at home, after a night in our own bed.

President Obama in CT

(Community Matters) Why the mid-terms are so important

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