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The Peninsula

(Community Matters) Not the Upper Peninsula, but The Peninsula that runs up between the two fingers which divide the Lake Michigan bays abutting Traverse City. Wow, spectacular – reminded me of Salt Spring Island in British Columbia.  I drove around farms, wineries, small stands, a couple of restaurants, out to the Point and the Lighthouse.  I want to come back and explore, meet some of the farmers, maybe hang.

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Obama Will Triumph — So Will America

(Community Matters) Obama Will Triumph – So Will America by Frank Schaeffer

Before he’d served even one year President Obama lost the support of the easily distracted left and engendered the white hot rage of the hate-filled right. But some of us, from all walks of life and ideological backgrounds — including this white, straight, 57-year-old, former religious right wing agitator, now progressive writer and (given my background as the son of a famous evangelical leader) this unlikely Obama supporter — are sticking with our President. Why?– because he is succeeding.

We faithful Obama supporters still trust our initial impression of him as a great, good and uniquely qualified man to lead us.

Obama’s steady supporters will be proved right. Obama’s critics will be remembered as easily panicked and prematurely discouraged at best and shriveled hate mongers at worst.

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The Cooks’ House

(Community Matters) Steven and I had dinner at The Cooks’ House tonight – five stars.  First, a very modest, clean, quaint location.  Warm & friendly, met immediately upon arriving – at which time I didn’t realize Theresa Patterson, who greeted us & waited on us, was Eric Patterson’s wife. Eric is the chef/proprietor (along with his partner Jennifer Blakeslee – who wasn’t there tonight).  Food was to die for.  I started w/ a smoked white fish salad, Steven w/ heirloom tomatoes. Steven then chicken with sweetbreads in a wine sauce, me grilled quail breast and quail leg confit in a mirepoix sauce with steeped cherries and shallots. Over the top – sauces exploded in our mouths.  I’m on a diet but couldn’t resist a tiny portion of brown butter cake with a cherry & port wine sauce plus a dollop of a famous local ice cream.

Eric apprenticed under Chef Andre Rochat in Las Vegas, left & returned as a grill chef, and left & returned, the final time as a full chef.  They earned a Michelin star then. He sources his product locally – even 75- 80% in the dead of winter. He loves the farmers in & around Traverse City, describing them as one does artists.

We’ve had good food while on this trip – Traverse City has some very good restaurants.  And, the Cook’s House is beyond good; it’s an extraordinary find.  I’ve already written to friends at Amoul’s in London.  I have to obtain another copy of Amoul’s cookbook for Eric.  For some reason I left (with a copy of his cookbook in hand) thinking of Amoul’s and her reverence for ingredients, and her magical cooking.  I’m coming back to Traverse City and won’t eat anywhere else for dinner if I can get into Cook’s every night.

Servant Leadership

(Community Matters) I like Sam Decker’s blog posting on Servant Leadership, a topic Steven and I discuss and try to practice

The Paradoxes of Servant Leadership

Strong enough to be weak

Successful enough to fail

Busy enough to make time

Wise enough to say “I don’t know”

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The DuPont Brothers

(Community Matters) Studio 54 life in the New York Magazine

Boehner Land

(Community Matters) Boehner Land