Daily Archives: 09/19/2010

Congr Lloyd Doggett Fundraiser

(Community Matters) Steve Adler & Diane Land hosted a huge fundraiser for Congressman Lloyd Doggett this afternoon.  Steve reminded us about Lloyd’s opponent, Tea Party candidate Dr. Donna Campbell.

While she’s probably a good doctor & a nice lady, it’s not inconceivable that the rural part of Lloyd’s district (including La Grange, Shiner, Eagle Lake, Smithville, Yokum, Gonzales and Bastrop) could elect a Tea Party Republican against separation of church & state and against a woman’s right to choose to represent a large part of Austin. Don’t take it for granted: volunteer, donate, display a yard sign for Lloyd Doggett.

I enjoyed seeing and hanging out with Doug Ulman, Suzanne Booth, Alexa Wesner, Suzanne & Marc Winkelman, Laura Huffman, Bettie Nowlin, Suzanna Caballero, Linda & Glenn Neland, Jim Marston, Andy Brown and so many others – the place was packed.  Great showing of support for the Congressman.

The Ethical Dillema of Clinical Trials

(Community Matters) NYT: an extraordinarily poignant story demonstrating the ethical dillemas of clinical trials – is it right to withhold a promising drug from patients whose lives it could save, in order to measure against a control group?

both in the clinical trials – Thomas (left) is receiving the drug, his cousin Brandon (right) was in the control group


I find myself unable to form a detached opinion – I think immediately of Michael Mitchell’s lymphoma and Doug Ulman’s melanoma (both in remission) and wouldn’t want to settle for any arguments if eithers’ cancer returned. (Not to mention the avalanche of names and types of cancer that floods into my head thinking just a minute longer.)

NYT Centerfold Ad

(Community Matters) Is it tacky to hang on the wall & call it fine art?

Cristiano Ronaldo for Armani Jeans

Saturday Night Dinner

(Community Matters) Wonderful dinner last night with two of my favorite men – Steven and Cameron Lockley (our oldest male godson).  Just the three of us, talking, reflecting and planning over a terrific dinner at La Sombra – a few slight menu changes happening Tuesday.  Lots of corporate and organizational parties happening

w/ our godchildren this winter – Cameron Lockley, Shaun Holifield, Melissa Henderson, Nico Selby, Ben Knaplund, Austin Knaplund & Luke Hayes (Lauren Mayes missing from pic)


what a great weekend, Friday night intimate dinner in with Steven & another godson/favorite guy, Luke Hayes

Lady Bird and Home Movies

(Community Matters) Super duper article by Denise Gamino in today’s AAS on Lady Bird Johnson and her home movies. I can’t yet find an online link to the article, assuming they’re waiting to publish online until tomorrow, but here’s the link to some of the movies

I love this image of the Stephen F. Austin hotel (Austin) which served as headquarters for Johnson’s Senate race.  Click over and watch some – they’re terrific.  Had to send Luci a note.