(Community Matters) Fusebox Festival 2011 – musicians, chefs & bartenders collaborating on an evening. Last night’s Digestible Feast, Eat.Drink.Listen was created by Composer Graham Reynolds, FINO Exec Chef Jason Donoho and Mixologist Josh Loving. Of course Digestible Feast manager Hank Cathey and FINO general manager Brian Stubbs had a lot to do with the evening.

First course: an Avacado Fattoush Salad (with radish, cucumber and crispy pita) served with a White Girl cocktail (pisco, combier triple sec, lemon and tenneyson absinthe), and accompanied by The Cure.  The chef had an added challenge adhering to Graham’s vegan principles; as I’ve learned this is nearly always a welcome challenge by chefs and among the best, always yields great results – in this case using the radish, cucumber and crispy pita to achieve the texture and substance for a ceviche (was the chef’s first thought given the already selected music and cocktail).

Second course: Harissa Glazed Vegetables (quinoa, carrot-saffron puree & eggplant), Sloe Ryed (a nontraditional manhattan – equal parts – of michter’s rye whiskey, sloe gin, bonal vermouth and px sherry – going for equal parts to meet the composition’s simplicity & clarity) accompanied by Rejected Beauty. This was my favorite in all senses – Graham’s original composition (all 3 were original and selected from 6 he submitted to the mixologist and chef) a richly classic, clean & crisp movement accompanied by a bass and drums.

Dessert was a Conconut Panna Cotta, served with a Blood & Sand (grouse scotch, orange juice, cocchi vermouth and cherry heering) and accompanied by Graham’s Spanish Spy Movie. All three were fun and explosive

My friend Sonya Cote, chef from Eastside Showroom, was at the dinner. She’s the guest chef for tonight’s Delectable Feast at Springdale Farms.

Springdale Farms hosts Chef Sonya Cote of East Side Showroom, sound engineer and Foley artist Buzz Moran, and musician and composer Ben Webster AKA Butcher Bear as they mic and mix the entire process, from food prep to the sighs and moans of satisfaction, creating tantalizing tastes for the ears. Chef Cote’s feast will feature only locally sourced, happily raised produce and meats. Locavores and sound nerds unite!

Tonight won’t be vegan. Sonya told me she’s already deboned ferral hogs – there’ll be one per table. Tickets still available. After, surprise at the Marfa Public Radio sponsored Late Night at Seaholm

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