Week of Delectable Feasts

(Community Matters) not only the two Fusebox Dinners (ughh, and today’s Bottled-in-Bond: The Decline and Fall of a Thug as Told in Five Drinks created by playwrights Steve Moore & Zeb West plus bartender Jason Stevens; I’m embarrassed to have flaked on this one due to extenuating circumstances) but also last night’s dinner hosted by Barbara Woghlemuth and Carrie Stapleton. It’s an annual event just before Barbara leaves for Cape Cod thru October. Suzanne Bryant, Sarah Goodfriend, Michael Mitchell, Robert Torian and I are the usual guests since Steven’s always traveling. Last night Robert couldn’t make it and Steven could. As usual, Barbara & Carrie outdid themselves, homemade Indian food from samosas as appetizers to coconut burfi for dessert. The spicy halibut paired with the Alsatian Gewurztraminer was exquisite; the entire evening was perfect – including sitting out on their back deck with a cool breeze overlooking the Long Center and downtown skyline.

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