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Climate Change Really Isn’t a Joking Matter

(Community Matters)


Unabashed Patronage?

(Community Matters) Is Matt Romney trying to line up Russian investors anticipating his capital will never be higher (anticipating his father will lose)? If not, why isn’t he campaigning instead of on a foreighn business trip? And, if Mitt wins, should we anticipate his sons will be selling their access around the world? Seriously, one of them already is. A Romney Travels to Russia, but on Strictly Friendly Terms

Balancing the Budget & Closing the Deficit

(Community Matters) My formula would be something like this:

1)       Figure out what we all should have paid during the last 12 years as if we had responsibly paid for the 2 wars and the medical prescription benefits –  raising taxes on those earning $250k & above, temporarily over the Clinton rates, to recapture 2001 – 2012 under-collected revenues, then

2)       Look at remaining deficit and structural inflows & outflows and adjust spending so that budget balances at Clinton rates