Daily Archives: 11/09/2012

The Most Regressive Tax in Texas History?

(Community Matters) Appears there’s increasing consensus about the need to invest in Texas’ physical & human infrastructure. Bill Hammond and the Texas Association of Business’ calls for a regressive tax increase targeted at consumers. Will Perry oversee the most regressive tax increase in the history of Texas or find a better way to pay for these investments?  One thought – individual property owners are negotiating up to 25% royalties on oil & gas leases while the State Texas is still accepting only 12.5%, and not always collecting even that.

Tax Rates

(Community Matters) no one has to do anything for tax rates to return to Clinton-era levels  . . . let it be.

If the GOP House & Senate minority refuse a tax cut for America’s middle class, that’ll be their albatross in the 2014 elections

New Archbishop of Canterbury

(Community Matters) It appears our church has a new leader, Bishop Justin Welby has been appointed the new Archbishop of Canterbury, the spiritual head  of 77 million Anglicans.

Given his engagement in British corporate and financial ethics, I’ve had a flash in parallel with Pope John Paul II and Eastern Europe. The world can use divine spiritual intervention in corporate governance at this time in history.While concerned by his conservative stance on same sex marriage, I so like what else I read about his politics and spiritual compass, I’ll trust in his evolution as he prays over equality.

update: changed elected to appointed

Toast: National Organization for Marriage

(Community Matters) They lost the four statewide, anti-gay marriage initiatives and their top 5 candidates were defeated . . . this on top of failing to unseat the four Republican NY state house members who voted for marriage. I think I hear NOM’s founder, Maggie Gallagher, singing . . .