Daily Archives: 11/28/2012

South Padre Island & Lower Rio Grande Valley

(Community Matters) Arrived yesterday for a quarterly KDK-Harman Foundation board meeting; we’re staying at Jo & Jon Ivestor’s extraordinary beach abode.

On Friday night, I’m a guest of artists Christopher Rincón and Michael Tracy, touring their Trevino Uribe Rancho in the San Ygnacio National Register District. Through the River Place Foundation, they are restoring the properties with a “Save America’s Treasures” award. Sandi & Bob Tomlinson are joining me on Friday. Back to Austin on Saturday in time for the LBJ Presidential Museum’s State Dinner w/ my hubbie who’s currently in Traverse City.


(Community Matters) Steven and I were blown away. Probably the best movie of the decade, certainly the year.

The poetry is pure Kushner. The lessons about the moral compass are quite complex – isn’t like LIncoln didn’t cut corners, strike morally questionable deals, lie & cheat for the greater good.