Daily Archives: 11/13/2012

Vince Young Steakhouse

(Community Matters) Vince Young Steakhouseyum! I’d never been. Tommie & Lynn hosted a few of us for dinner after the Castro reception. 3rd and San Jacinto – generously spacious, extremely hospitable staff and good food. It’s not fancy but it’s a homey, Texas elegant – comfortable. I’ll be back

pic: Lynn, Diane Land, Steve Adler, Ben Barnes, Tommie, Tony Martinez, (Kent Caperton had just snuck out)


(Community Matters) Joaquin & Julian Castro really do hold a lot of my hopes for the future of Texas politics. The Congressman-elect and San Antonio mayor don’t only represent the fastest growing demographic in Texas and the US, they represent the demographic of 30-somethings who grew up and are growing up in a multi-cultural world, who excel academically through sheer will & ambition, who worry about rising tides and healing the planet, about opportunities for everyone, and who understand we grew an unprecedented middle class by investing in human and physical infrastructure and growing industries that provided better than living wages.

Yesterday, Lynn & Tommie Meredith, Patsy & Jack Martin, Steven and I hosted a reception to further introduce these guys to friends. Most had met Joaquin from his time campaigning in Austin. For many it was their first time to meet the Mayor. Joaquin is off to Congressional orientation today. Julian’s ballot initiative won; San Antonians have just agreed to a tax increase to fund early childhood education – talk about investing in economic development