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Great Expectations

romney concession(Community Matters) Story doesn’t reconcile to election night CNN reporting that Romney campaign’s internal Ohio poll had them down 5 pts – nevertheless, a good read

From Politico’s Playbook:  GREAT EXPECTATIONS — “The Internal Polls That Made Mitt Romney Think He’d Win,” by The New Republic’s Noam Scheiber: “[A] Romney aide has provided the campaign’s final internal polling numbers for six key states, … which the aide obtained from the campaign’s chief pollster, Neil Newhouse. … The numbers include internal polls conducted on Saturday, November 3, and Sunday, November 4, for Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Iowa, Colorado, and New Hampshire. According to Newhouse, the campaign polled daily, then combined the results into two-day averages. … New Hampshire and Colorado are pretty far off the mark. In New Hampshire, the final internal polling average has Romney up 3.5 points, whereas he lost by 5.6. In Colorado, the final internal polling average has Romney up 2.5 points; he lost by 5.4. ‘I’m not sure what the answer is,’ Newhouse told me, explaining that his polls were a lot more accurate in most of the other swing states. ‘The only ones we had that really seemed to be off were Colorado-a state that even Obama’s people tweeted they thought it was going to be one of their closest states-and the New Hampshire numbers, which seemed to bounce a lot during the campaign.’ …

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