Daily Archives: 11/15/2012

Purple America

(Community Matters) A much more accurate representation of the blue-red mix in the USA

these maps demonstrate that there is not such a huge gap between rural and urban America.

Created by Mark Newman—from the Department of Physics and Center for the Study of Complex Systems, University of Michigan—it mixes blue and red based on popular vote percentage instead of showing a binary representation.

There’s no huge area of red. There is a gradient. A lot of purple. That’s the accurate map that reflects the actual result of the election. It also shows that the divide between the cities and the countryside is not that huge. There are differences of opinion everywhere.

Hat Tip: Stephen Walls

Paul Ryan’s Neighbors Didn’t Vote for Him

(Community Matters) I knew Paul Ryan & Romney lost the vote in Ryan’s state, I didn’t know they lost the vote by 25 points in Paul Ryan’s home town of Janesville – Ryan lost their vote by 10 points in his Congressional race.