Spence & Trabulsi on Entrepreneurship

PeopleTalk Spence Trabulsi(Community Matters) Judy Trabulsi and Roy Spence spoke at today’s People Talk series. I was honored to introduce my two friends and wrote pages of notes, including:

  • I’m sick of the fiscal cliff; I want to talk about the American mountain
  • We’re not going to cut our way out of this mess. We’re not going to spend our way out of this mess. We’re gonna create our way out
  • You never get anything done on common ground. You get things done on higher ground.
  • It’s not what you sell, it’s what you stand for.
  • Culture starts with taking care of your employees.
  • Purpose is the one place where it has to start at the top. It’s not a grassroots effort.
  • The language of leadership allows people to rally to higher ground.
  • Everyone should be in the social improvement business.
  • The value of relationships & the relationships of value

It’s Not What You Sell, by Roy Spence

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