Oxnard, CA

steven oxnard 1212(Community Matters) Not a whole lot makes Steven happier than time to read plus for us to hang, cook, walk and talk. This morning is quite perfect – a bit overcast and cold outside, fires going in the house, and I made us breakfast. 

This is when the really good conversations take place: Steven giving me a wonderful and thorough history of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Epicurus. eugene oxnard 1212Us debating whether or not there are similarly great thinkers today or whether now there is just too much to know, understand and connect.

I flew here directly from Hawaii on Thursday, Steven joined me Friday, and Bill & Amy are joining us Monday evening.

One response to “Oxnard, CA

  1. Great sentiment. My favorite things too. Great picture too. (hug)

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