The New Robber Baron Period

walmart mexico(Community Matters) Today’s Gilded Age.

I’ve long planned to write on this topic and continue to catalog these thoughts. This isn’t the piece; nevertheless, yesterday’s article on Wal-Mart’s bribes in Mexico, especially the desecration of one of the world’s most important archeological sites adds one of the least flattering, most corrosive perspectives on corporate behavior from a company of whom we should be able to expect much better. I’m back off them despite their advances in employee benefits and practices. They’re too big and too unwieldy.

Appears time to bust Wal-Mart apart, Teddy Roosevelt style. There are a few, additional MNC candidates. Probably time to rewrite the 1890s legislation for today’s threats against workers, consumers and even citizen governance

the next Teddy Roosevelt? #ElizabethWarrenelizabeth warren

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