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Highland Mall

(Community Matters) I’m informed that Simon Properties is NOT the manager of Highland Mall.

Yes one of the owners but not managing the property. Unknown whether participated in decision making.
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Club/Mall Closings

(Community Matters) I’ve delayed posting on this because I’m 1) dumbfounded and 2) trying to imagine any conceivable excuses for these actions.

No statistics of more than general rowdiness, public safety concerns or other extenuating circumstances were offered by the club and shopping mall owners. And, yes, it should take a damn good explanation (defendable, proveable) to decide to close on the weekend Austin is visited by more African Americans than any other time of the year.

There are laws governing public accommodations and discrimination. I hope there is a public outrage about this. I’m not likely to have attended the 6th Street clubs but I sure won’t ever again visit Highland Mall.

Read AAS story here.

if this is true, if Simon still owns Highland and if bars are in fact closing b/c of Relays: should we cancel Simon’s economic development contract for the Domain and should TABC cancel the liquor licenses of the bars?