Daily Archives: 04/29/2009

Vice President Biden in Austin

(Community Matters) Vice President Biden was in Austin today. During a luncheon he thanked Organizing for America (OFA) donors.

Vice President Biden

Mickey & Jeanne Klein

Mickey & Jeanne Klein hosted today’s luncheon

B & Audre Rapoport

VP Biden mentioned how B & Audre have been supporters his entire career .

Kirk & Amy Rudy – behind, Andy Brown & TX OFA Director, Luke Hayes

John Sharp & Mayor Will Wynn

John Wotowick, Zachary Lee, Quincy Lee (Zachary & Quincy, Jeanne’s sons), Rep. Mark Strama & Jeanne
Marc & Suzanne Winkelman

Nav Sooch, Whitney Casey, Isabel & Dave Welland

Andy & Luke looking very secret service. Anne Elizabeth Wynn in foreground

Ian Davis & Amy Evarhart

The Vice President was succinct, articulate and encouraging.