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Fantasia, Halloween and April Fool’s Day

(Community Matters) Reading that Goldman Sachs is carrying its mortgage-backed securities at 91 cents on the dollar. hmm, gives context to Wells Fargo’s announcement of their very profitable first quarter?

And, banks now balking at paying taxpayers the premium for bailout financing they agreed to when they borrowed the money. Seriously, they don’t want Treasury to exercise the warrants, arguing that it represented “the equivalent of a penalty for early withdrawal.” Did I miss something? Have banks decided penalties for early withdraw are now a bad thing? How about ATM fees, nsf fees, change counting fees, etc

Let’s discuss the meaning of populist uprising – not so abstractly if the banks renege and DC gives in on repayment, pricing & new regulation.

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Rude Mechanicals’ The Method Gun

(Community Matters) How far will people go for a real experience, and on top of drive and ambition create a community? What happens when these people know each other so well, they can complete each others’ sentences and movements – the fluidity of their lives, set to music, creating a ballet? And, what about people who are missing? How do the influential figures in our life continue to exert gravity even after they are gone? – their beauty fully revealed in their absence; the most influential becoming our gurus.

Rude Mechanicals creating, Kirk Lynn writing, Shawn Sides directing and longtime company members & co-creators Thomas Graves & Lana Lesley acting – plus, the cherry on top, Graham Reynolds creating original composition and designing sound – uh yeah, pretty good bet it’ll be a winner. The bet pays off handsomely. Steven and I attended last night’s opening for The Method Gun.

Jude Hickey and Hannah Kenah are new actors in this work, in production since 2006 and premiered at the Long Center last year. Steven saw a very early workshop and the Rollins production. This was my first.

There is a lot of background on the show, including on actor-training guru Stella Burton found here.

I’m the nonartist in our family, so no technical competencies. I see the show in three phases – the first fun & silly made me laugh quite a bit; the second, becoming more intense, “narrated” by an unexpected feline character demanded more attention to interpretation (I usually just sit back and take in); and the last stage quite beautiful, almost a ballet set to Graham’s gorgeous composition where the previous scenes return in rhythm, choreographed and framed by music and projections.

btw, The Method Gun will be featured as part of the FuseBox Festival. There are a limited number of tickets available to Festival pass holders each night. More info at Rude Mechs site.

Prior to the show I was talking with Carrie Fountain and then Graham Reynolds about their latest collaboration. They’ve written 5 songs being presented the UT’s Butler School of Music on April 26. They set out to create UIL and fun pieces especially for girls about Texas women. The five are Barbara Jordan, Celina, Mary Kay Ash, Bonnie Parker and the Angle of Goliad. Graham talked about how women are underrepresented in certain parts of the music arts, especially as composers and conductors. I can’t wait to hear this work.

Financial ReRegulation

(Community Matters) I’m leaning with the Senate on this one. All along have feared Geithner & Summers were a little too close in species to foxes rather than hens. here

Marek Zochowski cartoon


(Community Matters) not sure all the stats are correct but interesting nonetheless . . .

Inclusion and Leading By Example

(Community Matters) Way cool, the Obama’s hosting a Seder

and we know they are also hosting an inclusive White House Easter Egg Hunt. Dear friends from Austin on their way there with their little ones.