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Punchdrunk –

(Community Matters) can’t get it out of my head . . . .

Obama’s First 100 Days

(Community Matters) Great photo spread from Time Magazine.

FuseBox Festival Starts Tomorrow

(Community Matters) You should join us at Wooldridge Park (9th & Guadalupe) from where Austin composer Graham Reynolds and 49 other percussionists will lead us to the Austin Ventures Stage at Ballet Austin where Pierre Rigal & Aurelien Bory will perform Erection. 10-day FuseBox Festival schedule here

érection tracks the evolution of man from primitive life to homo erectus in forty-five spellbinding minutes. Starting from a recumbent position, French dancer and choreographer Pierre Rigal develops the theme of the evolution of our species through the notion of the “erection” of the body. In a journey of twists, turns, and constant surprises, Rigal finds his way to an upright position. The surprising and radical use of saturated color illuminates Rigal like an elementary particle caught in the light as video images of space are projected onto the floor, forcing the dancer to find his way within the limits of his surroundings. It is a stunning pas de deux between dancer and projections. Directed by founder of the acclaimed CIE 111, Aurélien Bory, a pioneering figure in the French contemporary circus, érection melds body movements with images and sound to create a stunning visual environment that gives us a glimpse into infinity.

Cheney’s comments to media

(Community Matters) Floors me that Hanity and others continue to promote anything Cheney has to say. Good gosh, the man at least shares equal blame with GWB for the problems with today’s economy and USA’s low standing in the world. Their war on terror further destablized global politics and the reversal of regulation – especially financial – is quite responsible for most of today’s economic threats.

I think the guy should be investigated and imprisoned if found to have seriously & consequently broken the law.