Daily Archives: 04/18/2009

Health, Future, Community and Rest

(Community Matters) Laid back Friday night, making rounds to a few friends, closing out with a movie in the pool house.

Jan & David Hughes hosted a book signing for Rip Esselstyn. And lots of food from the recipes – delicous! Catching up a bit with Rip, no plans to leave the station. He’s looking forward to being on ABC this week, and he was thrilled to make the NYTimes bestselling self help list.

You just look at the guy, his near 2yo, Jill (expecting) and know this is a happy, healthy family. Of course, helps that Rip was always a world class athlete. Steven’s on his diet and loving it. Obviously Kirk & Amy Rudy are looking fantastic too. hmmm, plant strong . . . .

Rip Esselstyn

Linda Fields, Steven, Jan Hughes

Brewster McCracken & Tom Terkel

Tom & Colleen Terkel joined by Kirk & Amy Rudy and Brenda Thompson hosted an intimate gathering of friends at Tom & Colleen’s new Tarrytown home designed by Ryan Street. Brewster spoke about the campaign and his positions, visions. Ok, I know I’m partisan here, but I’m not partisan because Brewster is my friend. I’m partisan because Brewster so viscerally gets it – way more than I do or than 99% of Austinites do. He sees Austin now and in the future as a great city, with a robust economy, creative & working class jobs, a protected environment and strong social & health services. He’s studied – more than anyone I know – what contributed to our successes in the 80s and 90s and he’s building on that, engaging Sun, IBM, GE, Dell, Sematech, UT, the governor’s office and Austinites. Brewster’s the real deal – he just gets it; it’s instinctive to him.

others attending included: Joe & Teresa Long, Anne Wynn, Ann & Charles Coleman, and Carolyn & Tom Gallagher

Stella Lucio

Afterwards, dinner at Julio’s where Stella makes you part of her family.  Dined with Kevin Keim and Linda Moore. Since I wasn’t fair in taking their pic and it isn’t especially flattering, I better not post 🙂

Finally, back to one of my favorite spots in the world, my poolhouse where I love to read, smoke cigars, drink wine, have long conversations with friends, watch movies and read the NYTimes floating in the water.

Leadership Austin

(Community Matters) Attended a Leadership Austin past chairs luncheon hosted by its current chair, Steve Benesh. In attendance Neal Spelce, Don Martin, Barry Curly, Dan Bullock, David Escamilla, Joene Grissom, Jerry Hare, Rick Whitley, Gerry Tucker and Gary Valdez. In addition, Pres/CEO Heather McKissick and Hannah Nokes were with us.

Impressive report on progress with three year strategic plan focused on 1) Deepening skills, 2) Exploring issues and 3) Building relationships.

Plus, I’m excited about the Best Party Ever being held on June 2 at the Long Center – honors Lee Thomson and Mayor Will Wynn.