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Austin Tea Party

(Community Matters) hmm, lots of folks gathering for tea bagging tomorrow. ok . . .

I have to say, John Stewart is so right on.
I do hear lots of complaining from folks, but only from those who were always against Obama.
The Republicans I know who voted for Obama seem to be very pleased with him and deeply disappointed in the GOP.

Jersey Swap

(Community Matters) hmm, kinda cool.

Hat Tip: Andrew Sullivan


(Community Matters) I give.  Can’t take it.  The corruption of my 40ish month laptop just too much to bear.  The hobbled fix just way too unproductive.  Have to say, the IBM Thinkpad X41 was a very sweet machine.  Highly recommend it.  Way many miles over its lifetime.  Will wipe clean and reconfigure to a houseguest laptop once I migrate my working files and programs to a new platform.

A sweet platform indeed, a new Thinkpad X200.  1.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 800 MHz FSB, 320 GB hard disk, Intel WiFi link and only 2.3 lbs.  rats, have to wait 9 days!

Progressive Endorsements

(Community Matters)