(Community Matters) Hard to describe how extraordinary last night was – a restored copy of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis shown at Seaholm (could have been a set from the, then, futuristic scene of the 1927 epic).  It was brilliantly accompanied by Graham Reynolds’s & Peter Stopschinski’s new, original score, which amplified the undercurrent of oppressive power in the film  while simultaneously conveying Frader’s compassion.  Kudos to Tim League and the Alamo Drafthouse for making this happen.

Lauren Ross, Robert Hammond, Steven and Suzanne Deal Booth

Lauren and Robert were in from NY. Robert’s one of two co-founders of the High Line project; Lauren is their director of arts programs.  Enjoyed catching up with Robert who I met while with Suzanne in Rome early this summer (he was a fellow at the American Academy).

Katherine Valentine, Jenny Lebermann and Steven


Kevin Keim was with us too.  Also connected with Lora Reynolds, Shawn Sides, Lana Lesley, Danny Roth, John Rosato, John Riedie and several others friends

Seriously, the setting, movie and score – the perfect storm, perhaps one of my favorite art productions in many years.

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