OutGiving 2011

(Community Matters) I’m currently in Miami for OutGiving 2011, a conference providing “a unique space for gay, lesbian and allied philanthropists and leaders to build relationships and share ideas so that we can work together more effectively to create change.”

There’s about 220 people here – combination philanthropists, organizational leaders and other thought leaders. Looking forward to mostly listening and learning. Wish Steven was here with me.

it was interesting when someone came up to me at last night’s reception and asked if I was the Eugene who wrote frequently on the eQuality listserve. Afraid I was gonna get blasted, I was so pleasantly surprised and honored to be thanked for my “eloquence and honesty”

4 responses to “OutGiving 2011

  1. So what dose those rich fat cat, aka Gay Inc have plan for us lower class lgbt folks….

  2. SNT, I regret you feel that way. None of those in attendance who I’ve met are acting like fat cats. We’re hear to learn and determine how we can spend our money in a way that advances equality for all LGBT members. And, how we can more broadly give away money for the betterment of our broader communities.

  3. r u sure about that , the last event the folks had to sign a Non disclosure contact.. k
    something is foot, no press allow and having to pay 1400.00 dollars to attend

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