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(Community Matters) Quick notesI hope to get around to better explaining

9mm LGBT adults (4%); 500k Trangender Americans (0.25%); 2mm children being raised by LGBT families; 3% of population self-identify as LGBT, 4% have had same-sex relations in last year, 7% – 9% over life time

even among Rs, support for no recognition of LGBT relationships has dropped from 53% to 37% from 2004 to 2010

Since 2008, Gallup reports the majority of Americans find same sex relationships morally acceptable

550 largest LGBT NPOs have combined budgets of $547mm in 2009; the top 10 opposition NPOs have budgets 2x our top 550

all but 1/3 of revenues for our LGBT organizations go to NY, CA, DC or national organizations

less than 4% of LGBT adults gave $35 or more to one of the 550

Peter Murray – Center for Progressive Leadership. This guy a star. I want to help.  Believes progressive pro-LGBT candidates can win in swing districts. Importance of Lifestyle organizations over Identity & Issue organizations – think NRA and AARP.

Nate Silvers analysis of varying polls says Americans near (not at) 50% supportive of equality in marriage (Marty Rouse reminds me to say freedom to marry).  But, polls didn’t select voters. Voters are older and more conservative than general population. LOVE.COMMITMENT.FAMILY – this is how we need to lead going forward. Others don’t connect with rights & benefits as well.

LGBT elders – SAGE, must be involved with SAGE if doing elder care. Federal Older Americans Act.

3 responses to “OutGiving Tidbits

  1. i hope you do explain or clarify; because they’re just words on a screen and don’t really mean anything. It seems to me all you are doing is expressing discontent you have to donate and not the working class or poor.

  2. Not at all. Just sharing some of the facts. I do think there is an opportunity to expand those giving to the cause and there certainly is extraordinary need

  3. The 0.25% figure for the percentage of transgender Americans is likely quite understated. The presenter admitted that he was not confident about it, and that much more work was needed to determine the correct percentage. The National Center for Transgender Equality regularly uses 1% as the number, and one can interpret the in-depth analysis done by Lynn Conway as suggesting 1.5% if the broadest definition of transgender is employed (see http://ai.eecs.umich.edu/people/conway/TS/TSprevalence.html).

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