Does Money Make You Mean?

(Community Matters) “How does living in an environment defined by individual achievement – measured by money, privilege, and status – alter a person’s mental machinery at the point where he begins to see the people around him only as aids or obstacles to his own ambitions?”

referring to this New York magazine article – Does Money Make You Mean? after a startling revelation. I’ve recently purchased a new, expensive car. Feels spectacular to drive it, and I drive a lot toggling between Central & West Texas – but one afternoon I caught myself thinking ‘hey, watch out for my new, expensive car you little inexpensive car.” I was floored. That’s not like me. I’m not from money and am not rich. Where in the hell had this little voice come from and how the hell can I exorcise him? Went on a search for this phenomenon and found this interesting article.

One response to “Does Money Make You Mean?

  1. This is def an enlightening article…. thank you for sharing.

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