Tonight’s Election – 325 to 213

(Community Matters) First, I’m not gloating. It’s been a hard race for both sides, and I wouldn’t bet a lot of money. I believe Pres Obama has run a better campaign, is the better candidate, and will win by a larger margin than expected. I wish our country wasn’t so divided. I wish we could come together, less acrimonious and more committed to rebuilding the country we love after this election, no matter the outcome.

I also wish Texas was blue, and believe it will be by the next presidential election.

One response to “Tonight’s Election – 325 to 213

  1. Eugene, is your belief (that TX will go blue by 2016) an expression of hope or a rational prediction based upon evidence? At age 75 I can’t remember a time when TX wasn’t mostly red, even when the 1%:99% split was between two factions within the Democratic Party. (Nonetheless, one lives in hope.)

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