Desperate, Nonsensical Catholic Arguments Signal End

gay equality(Community Matters) I suppose some might read the English Catholics’ arguments as threatening; I read them as desperate and signaling defeat of state sanctioned prejudice against gays & lesbians.

After centuries of persecution, Catholics have, in recent times, been able to be members of the professions and participate fully in the life of this country.

Legislation for same-sex marriage, should it be enacted, will have many legal consequences, severely restricting the ability of Catholics to teach the truth about marriage in their schools, charitable institutions or places of worship.

It is meaningless to argue that Catholics and others may still teach their beliefs about marriage in schools and other arenas if they are also expected to uphold the opposite view at the same time Towleroad

I don’t mean there won’t be setbacks and that we’re talking tomorrow . . . but victory for LGBT equality nonetheless.


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