Giuliani Style Approach to Policing

Giuliani(Community Matters) Sorta surprised when I heard myself promoting Giuliani style governance, especially police enforcement, for a municipality overrun by violence. Will Roman & I were discussing gun control and Oakland.

I’ve thought about this – especially when I read stories about gangs becoming more prominent in Austin. I believe they are already a very real, daily threat to too many in southeast Austin.

Even if not so practically enforceable, gun laws (& knife laws) provide grounds for police to detain people who aren’t licensed. If gang violence were threatening more Austinites, I’d probably relax my objections to profiling. Scares me to realize I’d consider extralegal measures if it wasn’t for concerns about collateral damage.

There’s a tipping point we must not allow. Though, as we are growing, as the economic chasm in Austin widens and becomes more visible, we have to deploy enforcement *and* prevention efforts to counter a rise in violence. Should we feel more concerned today since some neighbors already face this situation?

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