LIVESTRONG Response to NYT Article

livestrong(Community Matters) LIVESTRONG released this response to the article in today’s NYTimes.

LIVESTRONG Foundation is recognized by multiple sources as one of the most highly-rated cancer non-profit organizations in the United States. This is in large part due to our governance procedures, to our endowment strength and to the fact that we have invested 82 percent of each dollar raised directly in programs, initiatives and advocacy efforts that support people affected by cancer. We are a Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance accredited charity seal holder; we completed the National Health Council’s Standards of Excellence Certification Program; we are rated four out of four stars by Charity Navigator; we are A- rated by American Institute of Philanthropy; and we are ranked as one of the top three cancer organizations by Philanthropedia.”


2 responses to “LIVESTRONG Response to NYT Article

  1. Stephen Skaggs

    And founded by a lying, cheating scoundrel who will say anything, do anything and destroy anyone to further his personal goals. Let’s see what BS he can trot out to Oprah, the high priestess of repentance and career resurrection. The Foundation may (and does) have an impeccable record. Too bad it’s going to take more than Oprah for the Foundation’s founder to have any credibility whatsover. It’s not clear to me why anyone should believe a word that comes out his mouth. No doubt he’s found God and a good psychotherapist.

  2. you know Stephen, I finally had to separate him into two Lances in my mind. There’s Lance the athlete and there’s Lance the social entrepreneur who founded LIVESTRONG and but for whom this extraordinary organization would not exist. Can’t tell you how many folks I’ve referred to them and the help they’ve been. And, I served on the advisory board for the navigation center as it was being built. It offers critical support for Central Texans. So, I really like the latter Lance. Right or wrong, that does give me some compassion for the former.

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