FuseBox: The Neal Medlyn Experience Live!

(Community Matters) The Neal Medlyn Experience Live was sold out and entertaining. I didn’t even know it was a parody of the Beyonce concert until after the show – not that I’d know her music. Evidently the 20 and 30-somethings in the crowd got it more than the rest of us 🙂

starting second from left: Quincy Lee, Lora Reynolds, Jason Nichols, Cameron Larson & David Cleaves (someone send name of first guy)

Ellie & Amy Rudy

Don Mullins & Deborah Green

Julie & John Thornton

Ron Berry is the founder and artistic director of FuseBox, and Julie Thornton is a major supporter, collaborator and presenter who’s contributed greatly to this year’s success. Her presenting company TestPerformanceTest responsible for Geisha, Erection and Maxi Geil & Playcolt. Though I don’t think she’s officially on the board of directors, Julie has been right in there with Ron, Steven, Amy Rudy, Amy Bryant & Brent Hasty in making this year’s festival happen.

Good gosh, not to mention the EXTRAORDINARY volunteers & underpaid staff including: Sam Webber (associate producer), Natalie George, Dani Pruitt, K. Eliot Haynes, Austin Sheffield, Jeniffer Rogers, Patti Neff, Kevin Farr, Kathleen Cobb, Shawn Sides, Shannon Richey, Thao Vo, Shobie Partos & Elle Mahoney.

Robert Torian, Emily Bryant, Amanda Chiampi & Michael Mitchell

all my friends know Robert & Michael, two of my very best friends for many years. Emily Bryant a new friend and the sister of Thinkwell founder, Amy Bryant. Amanda Chiampi is also a very dear friend and my partner at the Entrepreneurs Foundation.

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