Chiropractic II

(Community Matters) Went in for my second appointment today. Can’t say I felt any better from my first appointment, though I was feeling better this morning. Walked in without my cane, though still limping slightly (mostly because exiting from car). The doctor had recommended a massage, then an examination.

The therapist explained her process, working to manipulate the specific muscles which were causing the spasms. She knew what she was doing, I could feel the muscles moving. Says she was moving them into place, though it could take several visits. Massage felt great. I think she’s especially gifted. I don’t know whether or not her detection of sadness in the musculature could be right – I feel extraordinarily happy and blessed. When I got off the table, my alignment was worse however (I can tell by how much shorter my right leg appears from my left – going in, probably only 0.5″; after, about 1.5″ to 2″).

The doctor then saw me. His physical manipulations felt even better. After only 15 minutes on his table, I left almost in alignment. I told him I was blogging about this but wouldn’t reveal his name until I decided whether chiropractics has helped or not.  Ran into my personal trainer (Cody Butler) who was entering as I was exiting the office; that’s gotta be a good sign.

Cost? Don’t know yet. I only paid $50 co-pay today but think they’ll be billing me for full amount.

3 responses to “Chiropractic II

  1. Great post. Loved the part of not revealing the chiropractors name until you decide if it works or not. Give it a fair try and you will see the benefits. Loved the fact that you also saw Cody Butler your personal trainer as you were leaving. People that are in to fitness and health know the benefits of chiropractic. Be sure that you follow up with Cody and get his feedback about the effectiveness of chiropractic.

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