Chiropractor III

(Community Matters) Had my third visit to the chiropractor’s office yesterday – to the office but didn’t actually see the doctor. I knew the doc would be on spring break. Went for a therapeutic massage appointment as well as acupuncture.

Even before going, my lower back spasms are healing. Still having some trouble getting up and standing in place but much less pain and hardly any spasms. I don’t know how to separate natural healing from chiropractor visits since past instances have usually healed themselves in a few days.

Yesterday’s 45 minute massage session was too light, undirected. The acupuncture, while I felt only a few of the needles (there were 12 in my back, buttock, ankles and hands) I did get a strange sensation that they were following the lines of my pain. Steven’s a huge fan of acupuncture. This was my second experience. Unfortunately, I can’t say I discerned any healing as a result. The massage and acupuncture costs totaled $90 (including a one time discount of $45).

by the way, Chiropractor II visit costs totaled $225, $50 I paid as a deductible (though I think I’ll have to pay all when insurance works out that I’m now on a $2k deductible) – $65 was the massage and $160 in charges for the doctor’s adjustment. Of course, my subsequent realizations about “sadness & the body pain” sorta makes the whole visit priceless

Also, I have learned that the insurance reimbursement rate is extraordinarily less than the billed rate, in the case of the initial xrays, only 23%

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