Daily Archives: 10/04/2012


(Community Matters) First, absolutely acknowledge last night was disappointing to Obama supporters and probably felt like a Phoenix moment to Romney supporters.

Calls from Obama supporters to get on message seem overblown – who wasn’t praising the campaign or wishing theirs was as successful just 11 hours ago?

I was watching while here in Midland at a Democratic friend’s house with two independents and three older teenagers. The two independents and the D thought the President did “fine.”¬† The independents haven’t followed the campaign or the candidates like die hard politicos. One was a bit turned off by Mitt’s disrespectful behavior toward Lehrer. I was shocked to hear them say they thought it was a draw – and they didn’t like comments about removing oil & gas subsidies, but they heard Romney say he’s likely to repeal these too.

The D expressed frustration that the President wasn’t more aggressive and didn’t call Mitt out on the inconsistencies of his comments, but he didn’t seem upset by the performance. Axelrod says¬† Romney’s likely to gain 1 to 3 points in the polls.

It’ll be interesting to see editorials and columns today – even more so to see the next 2 presidential debates. I’m not sure I want to watch the veeps’. It’s pretty clear the Romney/Ryan strategy is to make shit up – no tax cuts for the rich, some alternative healthcare plan that preserves protections against pre-existing conditions and college kids’ coverage on parents’ plans. Been there; done that w/ Ryan’s convention speech.