Daily Archives: 10/16/2012

Jack Risley & Amy Hauft

(Community Matters) Enjoyed meeting UT’s new art department chair, artist Jack Risley and his wife, artist & new UT professor/sculptor Amy Hauft. Both are new to Austin – Art & Education story.  Laurence Miller & Judy Willcott hosted a dinner introducing them to friends including Stephen Mills, Brent Hasty, Mike, Chris Mattson, Jeanne & Mickey Klein, Steven and me.

Impressed by both and encouraged by the investments we see Dean Dempster making in UT’s College of Fine Arts.

Reagan’s Budget Director on Private Equity

(Community Matters) David Stockman in the Daily Beast

Due to bad policy, however, they have now become monsters of the financial midway that strip-mine cash from healthy businesses and recycle it mostly to the top 1 percent.

too broad a brush

Photo Op

(Community Matters) Very uncool – the president of the Mahoning County St. Vincent De Paul Society says the Ryan’s popped in for 15 minutes and weren’t really helping anyone. They just posed for pictures, washing already cleaned dishes.