Daily Archives: 10/05/2012

Chinati Weekend

(Community Matters) Chinati Weekend events officially start today (Friday), though last night launched with the board’s dinner at Cochineal. My friends at Hotel Paisano squeezed me in for one night since my travel is last minute and I didn’t think about Chinati when I decided to drive over for a morning MPR meeting¬† & since David Egeland & Andy Friedman are in town and entertaining guests at the house.¬† As Cochineal was private booked, Andy & I had dinner at Jett’s, where we also caught up with Tim Johnson & Caitlyn Murray, then drinks with friends at the Hill House – Garrick Stephens was entertaining; Terry Mowers is in town.

Emily Keeton is in town too but I missed her last night; I’m not leaving before seeing her – also Julie Speed & Fran Christina. Julie’s just back; Her father passed away two weeks ago. This afternoon I’m off to Fredericksburg, a guest of Joe Cloud & John Wallace for one night of Ocktoberfest.

how do you make it dance? It dances on the Octoberfest site

Angel Investments

(Community Matters) The Austin Business Journal reports that the Central Texas Angel Network is on track to invest more during 2012 than 2011 – at mid year they were reporting $3.5mm in 15 companies.

During 2010, members invested $5.7 million in 15 companies compared with $3.5 million invested in 12 companies in 2009. Median angel round sizes declined 21 percent to $550,000 versus the first half of 2011. The median round size was $1.5 million when angel groups co-invested with other investors.