Daily Archives: 10/17/2012

Michael Feinstein: The Gershwins and Me

(Community Matters) Loved today’s Terry Gross NPR interview of Michael Feinstein and his relationship with the Gershwins. Not sure why but had me thinking about Will Spong’s discussing the theology of Rodgers and Hammerstein while playing their songs on the piano (we have a CD of this! 🙂 )

I’ve just purchased Feinstein’s The Gershwin’s and Me: A Personal History in 12 Songs

Long before singer and pianist Michael Feinstein became famous in his own right, he had the privilege of working closely with legendary songwriter Ira Gershwin, as his archivist and cataloger.

47% Redo? Tone Deaf

(Community Matters) Host Of Infamous ’47 Percent’ Fundraiser To Host Again. Sorry, but this is tone deaf – Marc Leder To Host Another Romney Fundraiser In Florida

Mark Davis

(Community Matters) Drove to Houston and back today for my cousin’s funeral. I didn’t realize Mark was this sick. He died of liver cancer. This pic is probably 35 years old (he’s with his sister, Gina) but it’s still closer to Markie’s pic  in my mind.