Daily Archives: 10/07/2012

Poor Chucky

(Community Matters) Rude house guests, aka Charles Santos!  Sometimes you just don’t know what comes over people. We woke up to this – poor little Chucky hanging from a rope over our pool. What the heck did he do to deserve this? I discreetly tucked him into bed in the guest house so he’d greet and comfort my friends Charles Santos & Rickie Bond when they returned home for the evening. And this is what we wake up to  . . . .

ASA – 25 Years

(Community Matters) Super 25th year celebration for AIDS Services of Austin last night at the W Hotel. Dara Gray, Tim Young, Laura Merritt and Joah Spearman produced a top notch evening. Lew Aldridge and Tana/Joe Christie stood out as honorary co-hosts. Very nice that President Obama recognized in a letter the good work of ASA’s staff & volunteers these 25 years. Loved being reminded of Paul Clover (was a miss that didn’t include Michael Fakenthall). And, of course, especially fond of the shout out to Charles Santos & the Austin Festival of Dance. Many kudos to all the staff & volunteers who made this happen, especially Paul Scott & Marianne De Leon.

Steven and I enjoyed sharing a table with Charles Santos, Rickie Bond, George & Cindy Santos, John Phillip & Francis Santos, and Amy & Kirk Rudy.


(Community Matters) Great 18 hour visit in Fredericksburg with Joe & John. And, what a find being introduced to Vaudeville, The Bistro at Vaudeville and Richard Boprae. The store carries one-of-a-kind art pieces, antiques and furniture – already have Richard looking for our bucket chairs which we’ve been unable to find. The downstairs Bistro feels very NY, LA, London, Paris chic. Looking forward to the upstairs gallery opening and think it could be a on-the-way-to-Chanati stop. I didn’t have a chance to meet Jordan Muraglia, Richard’s business & life partner, but hope to on my next visit.