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Mahoning County St. Vincent De Paul Society

(Community Matters) here’s a group that feeds the poor and is now caught up in our political bullshit. Please consider making a contribution on line to help offset the backlash they now have to withstand – Huff Post story

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Conservative Appeals Court Judge: DOMA Unconstitutional

(Community Matters) from Towelroad: Think Progress’ Ian Millhiser discusses how conservative judge Dennis Jacob’s decision today to strike down DOMA could impact potential Supreme Court cases: “If Jacobs’ reasoning is adopted by the Supreme Court, it will be a sweeping victory for gay rights, likely causing state discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation to be virtually eliminated. And the fact that this decision came from such a conservative judge makes it all the more likely that DOMA will ultimately be struck down by the Supreme Court.”

pardon the verbatim Towelroad quote

Waller Creek Conservatory

(Community Matters) Excited about the selection of Michael Van Valkenburg Assoc & Thomas Phifer & Partners as the design team for Waller Creek – their concept so in keeping with the beauty of our region

Austin Ranked 5th in # Startups in US

(Community Matters) ABJ: Fremont, Calif. took the No. 1 spot with 21.3; followed by San Jose, Calif. with 10.1; Irving, Tx with 6.5; and Chandler, Ariz. with 5.1. Austin 5th w/ 4.5 tech startups per 100,000 population, according to the analysis, which ranked 10 cities.

Austin and Irving are the only two Texas cities to make the list.

How Win Millennials

(Community Matters) Very interesting. Gotta consider this within my contexts:

Comedy Central’s “5 Rules to Win the Millennial Vote through Humor “: “Avoid political hack. Save the joke writers for AARP night. You can’t force funny with young voters. Millennials want a candidate with a genuine sense of humor. … Don’t make light of serious issues, as fun as that is. As much as Millennials love a good laugh, they are fiercely compassionate. They want candidates with solutions, not wisecracks. … Continue reading