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Surveyed: Austin

(Community Matters) AAS: Survey finds Austinites pleased with city services

this is super. I’d like to see the entire survey, including the crosstabs

Veep Debate

(Community Matters) Below see selected tweets from last night’s debate. I thought both candidates did well – VP Biden is just too real not to love. Appears polls showing voters think he won.

Martha Radditz was awesome. Sorta baffled that conservative pundits are saying she was biased toward veep. Good gosh, could she have led with a harder opening question for Biden?  As to the commentary that Biden was disrespectful, not presidential because he was smiling – see Churchhill’s quote below, and reminds me of when I can’t help but smiling when I’m listening to a young person either make something up or express an obviously naive position.

A bunch of the tweets from last night:

@JenKirkman Moderator Martha keeps reminding me I want a lady President. She, like most ladies…isn’t lettin’ anyone bullshit around up in heeeyah.

@annie_werner My uterus is gonna dress up as Joe Biden’s smile for Halloween.

Big Bird@BlGBlRD When Romney interrupts, he’s being passionate; when Biden interrupts, he’s rude, say the #GOP. To this I say *BuRrRrRr*. 🙂 #VPDebate

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