Veep Debate

(Community Matters) Below see selected tweets from last night’s debate. I thought both candidates did well – VP Biden is just too real not to love. Appears polls showing voters think he won.

Martha Radditz was awesome. Sorta baffled that conservative pundits are saying she was biased toward veep. Good gosh, could she have led with a harder opening question for Biden?  As to the commentary that Biden was disrespectful, not presidential because he was smiling – see Churchhill’s quote below, and reminds me of when I can’t help but smiling when I’m listening to a young person either make something up or express an obviously naive position.

A bunch of the tweets from last night:

@JenKirkman Moderator Martha keeps reminding me I want a lady President. She, like most ladies…isn’t lettin’ anyone bullshit around up in heeeyah.

@annie_werner My uterus is gonna dress up as Joe Biden’s smile for Halloween.

Big Bird@BlGBlRD When Romney interrupts, he’s being passionate; when Biden interrupts, he’s rude, say the #GOP. To this I say *BuRrRrRr*. 🙂 #VPDebate

@ElissaSchappell  Biden bitch smacks Ryan. What’s your name? Paul. Smack. What’s your name? Paul. What’s your name? Okay, okay, Sarah Palin.

leo allen ‏@leopoldallen What Ryan is writing on his paper: “Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Don’t cry.” #VPDebate

rt @JillFilipovic Really nice of a multi-millionaire to offer to pay for college for one family. Obama is trying to help w/ college costs for ALL Americans.

@FoxMe Dear Paul Ryan: Maybe you wanna rethink telling the “I know these people who died in a car crash” story to JOE FVCKING BIDEN. #VPDebate

@CaitlinHowarth Joe Biden’s most famous slip-of-the-tongue pushed this country toward marriage equality. I’m all for Joe saying what he means. #vpdebate

@blacksnob Aw, man. Biden is popping wheelies on Ryan. #VPdebate

@JillFilipovic “Hey daughters. Have a nice retirement at 100. Love, Eddie Munster.” -my mom

@jesshopp When is Biden gonna stop addressing Ryan as friend and start sentences with “Bitch, please.”

@mkzur Just looked up unemployment in Janesville, WI: 2009 15%; now, 9.2%. #vpdebate

@blaudiablogan Ran outside to tell the neighbors to stop roofing. But it was just Biden NAILING IT

Ben Mankiewicz@BenMank77  Saw not 1 second of VP debate. But here’s what Twitter says – Biden punched Ryan in the face & made weird noises doing it. Ryan was thirsty

Bill Maher Hello 9 1 1? There s an old man beating a child on my tv

Joe Mande @JoeMande Whoever is tickling Biden’s feet needs to stop it. #VPDebate

Sean Becker — “Oh, I get it now.” – Jim Lehrer

Jose Antonio Vargas ‏‪– Before this ‪#VPDebate, ‪@JoeBiden had a Venti macchiato and two cans of Red Bull.


Rafalca Romney@RafalcaRomney “I like a man who grins when he fights.” – Winston Churchill #VPdebate

CNBC@CNBC [UPDATED POLL RESULTS] Who do you think won the VP Debate? Joe Biden: 52%, Paul Ryan: 44%, Neither: 4%. (Track here: )

Ed Schultz@edshow Chris Wallace says VP Biden was disrespectful to Paul Ryan. Did he want him to bake a cake for him? #msnbc2012 #vpdebate

andy lassner@andylassner “Hello my friend.” -Joe Biden soaping up his junk in the shower #VPDebate

emokidsloveme@emokidsloveme Oh wow, Joe Biden refuses to force his religious beliefs on others. I bet that feels foreign to the GOP, like Hawaii. #VPdebate

Dr. Jill Biden@JillBidenVeep “I respect people who don’t agree with me on this, but I’m going to decide what happens to every woman’s body.” -Ryan #VPDebate

Rahiel Tesfamariam@RahielT Let’s all admit – POTUS Obama could have never been this “aggressive” without a pandemic of fear sweeping white America. #VPDebate

Mat Johnson@mat_johnson Whoa, Biden got in Ryan’s head. Biden’s in Ryan’s head and he’s making himself a smoothie. #VPDebate

Willard Mitt Romney@MlTTR0MNEY Joe Biden kissed Paul Ryan’s wife after the #vpdebate. She slipped him her cell number.

Buck@buck4itt  Joe Biden’s having a scotch right now while Paul Ryan’s mom is putting his “debate participation” certificate on the refrigerator. #vpdebate

rt @shelbywhite If Joe Biden and Paul Ryan switched haircuts… #VPDebate

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