Daily Archives: 10/08/2012

O’Reilly vs Stewart Debate

(Community Matters) I didn’t realize this was such a serious debate –  substantively helpful for understanding the arguments between the two candidates and their parties

Pflugerville ISD Offering Same Sex Partner Benefits

(Community Matters) Kudos to Pflugerville ISD

Jonathan Haidt on Fairness

(Community Matters)  Jonathan Haidt on Fairness in Time Ideas (he’s the author of The Righteous Mind & writes about moral clarity)

There are three major kinds of fairness, and we find that liberals and conservatives value them to different degrees.

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Marfa: Cooking w/ Lou

(Community Matters) this sounds fantastic – outdoor cooking classes in Marfa w/ Lou Lambert

2013 Dieux Du Stade Calendar

(Community Matters) Every year, eagerly awaited, the Dieux Du Stade Calendar. The French rugby team donates proceeds to various charities

Video link: xu21te_teaser-dievx-dv-stade-2013_sport

I don’t much like the video’s soundtrack, turned it down and substituted a Paul Schwartz track

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