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Shades of Gay

(Community Matters) Charles Blow on Thursday’s released Gallup poll of LGBT self-identification indicating more Americans of color & lower socio-economic status of those identifying as LGBT

This is counter-intuitive from experience and data we learned in the middle of the AIDS crisis, in the early 90s. Has it really changed this significantly and if so, why/how? ¬†Without any scientific backing, I’m imagining the variances in LGBT status among whites and more well educated males reflects some perceived threat from self reporting.

The Williams Institute Summary of report:

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Corporate Pressure on Employees to Vote & Donate

(Community Matters) Mark Ames writes about Russia’s oligarchies, state (aka Putin) pressure on those companies to pressure their employees to vote for Putin, and about these tactics being deployed in our current presidential election. We’re reading about Koch company election packets being sent to employees home threatening layoffs if Obama is reelected, about Murray Energy keeping list of employees who do and don’t attend and contribute to Romney, even of Peter Seigel’s, Westgate Resorts, threats to fire 7,000 employees if Obama wins as well as Romney’s call with business supporters encouraging them to pressure their employees

Since the link to the posting will expire, I’m pasting the NSFW entry:

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