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Marfa Public Radio & KXWT in Midland-Odessa

(Community Matters) I certainly hadn’t planned on serving as Board President & CEO for another year but at yesterday’s MPR board meeting and at the request of my colleagues I agreed to do so again for 2013. When this idea was proposed last week, my first response was to lean on Steven; frankly, I thought he’d say no way. It’s been a lot of extra work, a lot of extra travel, and a lot of extra expense. Surprisingly, he was immediately supportive. He especially likes that we’re giving back to Marfa, a place we both adore and that helps replenish us whenever we visit. And, that I’m also working in Midland-Odessa, building relationships/friendships with people who vote and sometimes think differently than we do. It’s been nice looking past ideologies and to what we have in common, rather than what divides us. Plus, it’s a privilege working with my colleagues on the board and MPR staff members. It’s a privilege to represent MPR.

I do regret I’ve had to separate from my friends working in this election, from partisan politics during 2012 and now for 2013, but it would be inappropriate given this position

Today’s Objectifications

(Community Matters) Looking at the faces, I’m not sure it’s any easier being an objectified Abercrombie model than it was being a Southwest Airlines stewardess

Who wears short shorts?

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