Wall Street Bailouts But No Food Stamps

(Community Matters) AIG’s Bob Benmosche outs himself as swine who thinks he’s a prince.

Hat Tip: Huffington Post

2 responses to “Wall Street Bailouts But No Food Stamps

  1. Really done a 180 on the bailouts, haven’t you, Eugene? Just 4 years ago not only were you supporting TARP, but when Congressman Lloyd Doggett voted against it, you compared him to the congressmen who opposed civil rights legislation in the 60s. https://communitymatters.biz/2008/10/04/the-bailout-lloyd-doggett/ and https://communitymatters.biz/2008/10/13/lloyd-doggetts-reelection/

  2. not at all, Dan. TARP was absolutely the right move at the time. Politically motivated opposition was still foolhardy. I’m railing against the AIG/CEO idiot who is so egocentric that he can’t see the comparison of appropriate gov’t intervention

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