Can We Even Find Our Way Back

justice(Community Matters) We’ve lost our balance . . . in national security monitoring. It’s not a surprise that the FBI, CIA and NSA overreach. I imagine it’s a rabbit trail and that there’s always further to go in the honorable quest to keep Americans safe and capture the bad guys.

In our War on Terror, Congress and the President overrode the checks & balances. And, it’s time to reign in our proclivity for overreaching. It’s a rabbit hole too easily traversed, and we could find ourselves so far inside we’d never get back – we’re pretty far. Politico: NSA sought all Verizon U.S. call records – foreign & domestic. 

Sens. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Mark Udall (D-Colo.), who both serve on the Intelligence Committee — have long contended that the federal government is using orders from the FISA court to engage in surveillance that would shock and anger many Americans.

“Not only are they intercepting call data into and out of the country, but they are intercepting all call data in the United States, which goes far beyond what the FISA Amendments Act allows,” Timm said.

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