An Important Inflection Point?

(Community Matters) a very important demographic of undecideds

–STAN GREENBERG tells GREG SARGENT about one danger sign for POTUS: “Greenberg did dial sessions among Colorado swing voters during the debate, and also conducted post-debate questionnaires. He found that unmarried women didn’t respond to Obama’s vow to improve the economy — which they found lacking in a clear overarching message. ‘They heard nothing there that was relevant to them … They were not hearing about … things that Obama would do that affect their lives.’ Romney … succeeded in communicating with unmarried women, Greenberg says, by prefacing talk of his five point plan with an extended discussion of the economic strain of middle-income Americans.”

personally, I think we’re now looking at a race as close as it was always expected to be. Partisanship aside, the President should be most feared when his back is against a wall. I find it interesting that friends have been calling asking what they can do to assist in the reelection – hard to believe just 2 weeks ago they thought Ds could coast.

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