Jack Welch is a Farce

(Community Matters) Jack Welch is a farce, a blemish smudging the reputations of other, responsible corporate CEOs.

Like Clint Eastwood & Jim Lehrer . . . I think we’re seeing there’s definitely a time to take away the keys. Jack’s tweets during the last 60 days have been off the reservation. He’s loosing it. Not the first former corporate titan who’s thrown a fit once he’s lost his crown.

Let’s not forget this is the same Jack Welch whose retirement package tarnished the entire corporate community’s image – $9mm/yr pension plus life time health insurance, plus a $17k per day consulting agreement, plus life time financial services, plus luxury ny apartment in Trump Tower, plus unlimited use of corporate jet, plus an opera box, plus country clubs, plus Knick’s courtside, plus Yankee box, plus French, US & Wimbeldon Opens, plus VIP Olympic tickets – all this on top of the estimated $1 billion he’d earned from GE. Give me a break; this guy thinks he’s Louis XIV.
As to the calculation and reporting of unemployment . . . I agree it’s a grossly imperfect number – that’s a different conversation. I don’t believe the definition has changed during the last 3 years nor was Emperor Welch complaining previously.

One response to “Jack Welch is a Farce

  1. Have you seen the graph showing the smooth, upward trajectory of GE earnings while he was CEO versus the volatility that began the day he left? Amazing that he has the temerity to accuse others of fudging figures. He should hope that the statue of limitations has run on his shenanigans.

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