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Charles Nolan, 1957 – 2011

(Community Matters) I only met Charles Nolan twice and didn’t get to know him, other than through a few first hand stories from his partner Andy Tobias and a few of their mutual friends. I didn’t even realize how serious the situation was until over dinner with Andy three weeks ago.

Charles passed away on Sunday. Andy’s fortitude amazes, mystifies and inspires me.

a friend posted this about the service (scroll down just a bit)

and, Andy’s “interview” of Charles is a must read!

in the pic, Andy on the left, Charles on the right

New York

(Community Matters) Quick trip, great trip – I keep making new, good friends and just had a wonderfully successful visit. Of course, how wouldn’t it be fun when get to hang with folks like Andy Tobias, Jamie Citron, Charles Myers, Paul Boskind, Mitchell Draizin, Brayden McCarthy, Sarah Richardson, Corey Johnson and others. Sorry missed old and new friends Rob O, John Paul & Ken M this visit – looking forward to catching up with them and others when Steven and I are back for the Point Foundation dinner in a few weeks.